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Are you a beginner?

Hello everyone! In my quest to help everyone, I need to know how many of you are beginners. I know a lot of the pieces I've been doing are more advanced. I don't want to overwhelm anyone. So I need to know, from everyone, your skill level at watercolor. So, could everyone in the forum respond to this discussion with their skill levels. Thanks. A simple answer is fine, (advanced, intermediate, or beginner).

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  • Beginner
  • I am a brand new beginner!!

  • intermediate

  • I'm a beginning beginner and learning so much... just did my first painting!

    • Yes, Kathleen...please post. For directions on posting go to the "Featured Discussions", and scroll down to the bottom of that page. Or, click here: http://jacquelinegnott.ning.com/membersforum/how-to-upload-your-wat.... We love to see what you're painting! Hugs!
      How to upload your watercolor to the forum
      Here is step-by-step instructions on how to add your watercolor to the Members Forum...hope this makes it easier for you. Step 1, On the "Members Fo…
    • Great news......which painting did you do?  My first was the monarch butterfly on that orange flower.

      P.S.  Don't be afraid to post your work!  that's what makes this forum relevant to everyone!

  • I'd classify myself as intermediate. What interests me the most is increasingly complex subject matter. This helps me build my skills even if with the first attempt it doesn't produce a perfect result. That's okay because I like a higher bar.
  • Beginner. Learning a lot from you. Mostly watching videos now. Trying to get black background. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I have shiny streaks and don't understand what I am doing wrong. 

    • I always say to watch the videos first, then the second time around you can start painting along with the videos.  There is so much information on each video, that this is the easiest way to go.  The backgrounds take many, many layers of thin glazes.  Drying it thoroughly in between each layer.  The base of watercolor paint is gum arabic.  If you apply too much pigment, that hasn't been thinned with water enough, the gum arabic will leave "the dreaded" shiny areas.  So my suggestion is to use thinner washes, more water then what you had been using.  And use many glazes to build up the color.  I know we get anxious to get the backgrounds done, but if we rush and use too much pigment, you'll get shiny.  Hope this helps...hugs!

      • Helps a lot! Thank youI Main thing is I believe I am not drying it thoroughly. Layers might need more water as well.

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