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Realistic Watercolor Artist, Jacqueline Gnott, NWS, TWSA, WHS, WIW
My New Website


Pay one price for access to 150 videos for a forever membership.  To purchase my video library, simply hit the "Buy Now" button below.  You'll find that this is an endless resource to enjoy during your watercolor painting journey.

$225 for 150 Videos.



Once you pay the fee via PayPal, then you will be added to the forum within 24 hours.  Please make sure I have the email you'd like to use on the forum.  You can send it to me at RosebudStudios@att.net


■ They can be watched, anywhere, on any device 24/7 at your leisure.  My videos are for streaming, so you will need a high-speed internet connection in order to watch them
■ Each video will come complete with downloadable photos of the set-up, the pencil drawing and the finished painting for you to print from your own printer.
■ Easy to follow videos to further your watercolor talents.
■ Easy to follow instruction that has helped thousands of artists to date, further their watercolor careers.

FREE video to download...

Here is one of my videos, "White Lily in Vase".  It was a huge hit, as it covers many of the essential elements of a still life.  Flower, glass vase, dark background & reflections. Here is a link to the video, so you can watch the entire thing: White Lily in Vase Video (You'll need to download the video, by clicking download in the upper left hand corner, to be able to view the whole thing.  The whole video is 1-1/2 hours.)