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Realistic Watercolor Artist, Jacqueline Gnott, TWSA, WHS



 $125 for 12 Months (thats $10.42 per month, your best deal)


$70 for 6 Months (thats $11.67 per month)


$25 for 1 Month 



Once you pay the fee via PayPal, then you will be added to the forum within 24 hours.  Please make sure I have the email you'd like to use on the forum.  You can send it to me at RosebudStudios@att.net

  • No Contracts
  • Once you sign up, you'll have full access to 136 instructional watercolor videos!
  • We're all here to learn together!!

For the Love of Watercolor is a subscription based forum which will automatically renew.  If you don't want to continue when your subscription is up, simply go to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription. 



Specifics of the Membership

■ Once you sign up for a membership to my forum, you will have access to all of the high definition videos and all future videos as long as you remain a member.  Each video is up close so you can see how I paint each brushstroke.

■ They can be watched, anywhere, on any device 24/7 at your leisure.  My videos are for streaming, so you will need a high-speed internet connection in order to watch them. 

 You are given free downloads for each video, of the drawing, the reference photo and the finished watercolor.

■ Your membership will renew automatically on the exact date every month.


FREE video to download...


Here is one of the videos on my forum, "White Lily in Vase".  It was a huge hit with the members, as it covers many of the essential elements of a still life.  Flower, glass vase, dark background & reflections. Here is a link to the video, so you can watch the entire thing: White Lily in Vase Video (You'll need to download the video, by clicking download in the upper right hand corner, to be able to view the whole thing.  The whole video is 1-1/2 hours.) 

When you sign up for the forum, you are also given: the drawing, the reference photo & the photo of the finished watercolor. Here is a link to the reference materials for you, should you decide to paint this one: White Lily in Vase Reference Materials

Take your watercolors to the next level!  There are are almost 140 videos to choose from.  Join Us!

What you can expect from your membership:

Each month you can expect a new video:

I will take suggestions.  Our goal is to enjoy watercolor and make you feel more confident to tackle anything in watercolor.  You will also receive:

  • Unlimited access to new videos.
  • Free Downloads of the drawing, reference photo, and finished watercolor painting for each video!
  • Easy to follow videos to further your watercolor talents
  • Videos can be viewed as many times as you want, on any device you want.
  • Easy to follow instruction that has helped thousands of artists to date, further their watercolor careers.
  • Each video will come complete with downloadable photos of the set-up, the pencil drawing and the finished painting for you to print from your own printer.
  • Each member will be able to post their finished watercolors on the Members' Watercolor page.
  • We will be concentrating on Still Lifes and Florals, my favorite subject matter to paint!
  • You can cancel your membership at any time...but we hope you won't...♥

About your membership and renewal

Once you sign up for "For the Love of Watercolor" your PayPal account will be charged $70 or $25 depending on your membership level.  At any time in the future you can cancel your account if you choose to. I think you'll be very pleased with the amount of information you'll garner in the advancement of your watercolor skills.

Subscription Cancellation:

It is your responsibility to monitor your subscription and to cancel your membership through PayPal if you no longer want to be a member.  If you cancel your subscription, your membership will end on your renewal date.  You must go to your PayPal account to cancel the reoccurring payments.  There will be no refunds once the membership goes through.  You will remain a member until the membership expires.




Comments on my instructional watercolor videos

I am so pleased & grateful that you are so thoughtful & generous in your explanations & your demonstrations!  I sincerely mean that!!   It was so nice that you filmed whenever you painted...nothing left unexplained.  The DVD is so well done...it's just like being there looking over your shoulder...Gail B.

Watched it! Loved it! You are an inspiration! Thanks for caring enough to document and share your work. I am a teacher and I really appreciate the entire process without cuts except for drying time. Well done!...Mardelle D

PERFECT!!!  I like teaching process so much. Amazing explanation!!!...Lily S

You have a very relaxed teaching style and I feel like I'm in the studio with you. I really appreciate as well all the tips that you give throughout your presentation on why you use certain products and how they work for you...Sue L