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  • Hi Dave. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Appreciate you writing to me.
  • Beautifully done, Claire.  Not only is the daffodil but also the background is outstanding.

  • Hi Jackie! Thank you! I love learning and then applying that knowledge. Doing your tuts first really helps me not only learn of course but often ends up being an opportunity to figure out potential trouble areas for me personally and how to avoids those on my originals. Thank you for selecting me as your artist of the month. Makes me smile!
  • Oh my goodness!!  Claire, this is stunning.  And to think it's full size sheet.  The background is so soft and blended so beautifully.  It really pops the daffodil.  This is a huge undertaking that you have painted masterfully!  I am so proud of you.  

  • Wow - I love your daffodil!  A real 3D effect and that background is just fab.  Yellows are so difficult to make realistic and I think your painting is superb!

    • Thank you so much Maxine. I agree yellow is a toughie especially when it comes to mixing shadow color.
  • WOW........what a great job you've done here...and ON A FULL SHEET!!!!!!!  I struggle with 1/2 sheet size and you've done one TWICE that large!  Colors are so vivid and your shadows are just beautiful.  And that dried bud cover looks so real........  Can't wait to see what you will paint next!!!!

    • Hi Pat! Thank you so much. Once again (same issue as with my daffs in ball jar tut painting) since I don't use a photo editing program the yellows didn't photograph true. I'm happy to say it's actually much more vivid and intense in real life. Base color Azo Yellow neat. Someone just told me of a free (hopefully easy to learn/use??) one called Pixlr Editor.
  • Wow.......super beautiful Claire. I love your blurred background! The daffodil pops of the paper! Very well painted!

    • Hi Yvonne! Thank you so much!
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