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Rosebud Challenge

Here is my rosebud, for the challenge.  It was listed with the beginner projects, so I thought I would give it a shot.  I have my colors ordered from Cheap Joe's, but have not yet arrived so I used what I have.

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  • Very lovely rosebud Judy. I think too you are progresssing.  Every time you paint you will learn more and get better. You did a good Job here ☺

    • Thank you Yvonne, your artwork is amazing, I am hoping to improve and I know if I keep at it with Jacqueline's instruction I will get better, very exciting!

  • I agree with Pat, Judy!  This really looks so pretty.  Some of the artists here on the forum like to use the colors that I do, but I think every artist has their favorites and continue to use just those.  And yes, it is fun and exciting to try new colors.  Very nice detailing on the leaves and the Rosebud!  Your paintings are progressing just wonderfully!  Hugs!

  • So lovely!  That bud is really glowing and those shadows on the leaves are great!!! Hard to believe you didn't have all of Jackie's colors....the pigments you have look great here!

    P.S.  Although it is really kind of exciting to get new watercolor tubes and see what they look like!!!!

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