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Future Still Life?

Hi everyone! There's been some interest in doing a larger (1/2 sheet) on the forum. It would take 3-4 videos to complete. So the question is how much interest would there be in doing this. Like the one on the workshop maybe some cloth, flowers, glass vase... Even for beginners, not feeling like tackling this larger watercolor, it would be a good thing to observe the technique and process. So, what I need from all of you is a simple reply: YES, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS Depends on your interest level if we do this. Thanks!

UPDATE: After giving this some thought, I was thinking 1/2 sheet is too large...so, instead a size around 11" x 14" or so. As far as the subject, someone had suggest those vintage seed packets.  So a still life consisting of a glass vase of, lets say daisys, a coordinating vintage seed packet, a cloth, lets say checkered or floral.  And maybe some other things...  How about that?

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  • I would love a large complex still life!

  • Speaking of some other things... have you thought about a small porcelain figurine? A gardener?... a flower girl?... It might be interesting to tell a small story in our new panting. Just my thought...

  • Yes,I would love to see such a beautiful still life!

  • Still life paintings are my favorites,  Yes!

  • Even as a beginner I would love to see that and try to paint that as far as I could. After 6 months or so try again.

  • The composition for our still life sounds GREAT!  Wonderful summer project.........and with the temperatures heating up,  it's nice to stay indoors and paint.  I know you are concerned that some will not want to paint this entire 3 or 4 part project BUT each session actually could be a 'stand alone'  much smaller painting for those who might only want to try a few of the elements!  I painted one of your DVD's about a year and a half ago and did not add all of the elements because at the time it seemed too hard.   Might be able to add all of those pieces if I painted it today...lol!  I can hardly wait for this one.........................

  • Yes, would love to see this. Sounds great. Thank you!
  • Whatever you put together always looks so good. Thanks in advance, can't wait to paint this one.

  • Sounds great!
  • Yes, I would love to see this.

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